Is your website responsive? Here's why it should be

How old is your website? Are you considering a rebuild or re-design? If you are not, here is a question you should be asking yourself. Is my website responsive? Below you will find information about responsive web design and why it is important that your website be a responsive layout.

What should your company blog about?

So you have heard all this talk about blogging for years.. You have heard it can help you online and it is important for your website viewers.. but you keep asking yourself " What should I blog, about? ". Blogging is simple once you get going. You would be surprised at how many topics you already have in your head but have never considered them " blogs ".  The truth is you do not have to be a " professional writer " to cover a topic that you know quite a bit about. After all, who knows your business better than you?


Social Media and SEO go hand in hand


The days of simply throwing a few keywords into your website for " optimization " are over. Today it is not only about optimizing your website but also optimizing your social media pages as well. That's right, social media plays a role in SEO nowadays. Your website needs to contain pertinent information about your services/product as well as the ability to have users " like " or " share " this information onto social media if they find the information valuable. The more this happens, the more Google will begin to see you as an " authority" on the topic, thus... when people are searching for what you have to offer.. your website will begin to show well and higher.

Designing a website? What is your objective?

Is it time you build a new website or start on a new website project? Have you decided what this website is for and what you want the overall outcome to be? Below you will find some questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with your web design project so you can your designer are on the same page and expectations are set.

Photography and your website

When it comes to website design, professional photography is always a must to help communicate your message to your potential clients. However, how do you handle this? Hire a professional photographer or maybe just use stock photos? Below you will find information about the plus and minuses to both.

Questions to ask your website designer

Are you looking for a new website design? Something new and fresh? Or is it possible that you do not even have a website and you are not sure where to begin? Below you will find 5 questions we recommend you ask your web designer before moving forward with your design project.

5 social media websites that are a must for your business!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the social media websites out there? It seems like it is a full time job just managing all of your businesses social media pages. There are literally thousands and thousands of social media websites out there, so which ones are the most important? Below you will find the top 5 social media websites that your business should be focusing on.

We are now offering video production services in Boise

We are excited to announce that we are now offering HD video production services. Over the last year we decided to expand our services and skills in order to continue progression in multimedia development. We have developed videos for all genres. We can help you develop a corporate video, television ad, online ad, music video or any other type of video. If it is in the creative nature, we would be more than happy to be a part.


Domain name extensions, What do they mean?

There are so many domain name extensions out there! .com, .org, .edu, .net and so on.. but what do they all mean? Check out the explanations to the most popular extensions below.


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