Should businesses rely solely on seo for marketing?


SEO is a buzzword. You’ve heard it, we’ve heard it, and we’ve all heard the talk about how important it is for online businesses’ marketing plans. Essentially, SEO is a technique by which companies produce search engine optimized content such as articles and blogs that contain keywords or phrases. These keywords or phrases are the things that people type into search engines in order to find for a product or service. When you include these keywords into your content, it helps search engines pull up and prioritize your online business. You need SEO—it’s an incredibly valuable marketing tool that will get your online business recognized. But SEO is just that, a single tool, and you should not rely only on SEO for all your marketing needs.


What is a Content Management System?


One question that we consistently hear at Urban Media Co. is " What is a content management system? And.. " Why should I build my website on a CMS? ".  Below you will find information about content management systems and the value of building on them.


Urban Media Co. offering SEO copy writing services


Have a website but need a blog or maybe the content just needs a refresher? Urban Media Co. is now offering professional copy writing services for your website. Our professional copy writers will provide you will a highly optimized article for you to use on your website or blog.

Diversify when marketing your website and business

More often than not, over the last few years we have met small business owners who depend quite heavily on the search engines for their website and business marketing efforts. While of course search engines are a great way to drive traffic to your website, there are an array of other platforms as well that business owners should be utilizing when it comes to promoting a business/website. It's time to diversify! Below you will find a few tips/suggestions on how to market your product or services outside of the search engines.


Thank you for a great year in web design!


As 2013 is ending, we wanted to take a moment and say Thank you Boise for a great year in web design and multimedia. This past year we have had a the pleasure of working with so many wonderful businesses in Boise and throughout the United States and are excited to venture into 2014.


As 2014 approaches, Urban is working on a new website and we are so excited to share it with you and launch it in early 2014. Our new website will be featuring some new services that we are offering, so make sure to check back shortly for new information about Urban as well as to check out the new site!


What are hash tags and how are they used?

Over the last few months we have had a few clients asking us about hashtags. They are wanting to know what they are and how they are used. Although hashtags are not a new trend by any means, many small business owners are just beginning to show interest in them and want to know how they can apply hashtags to their online marketing. Below you will find the answer to " What is a hashtag?" as well as some ideas on how hashtags can help you with your marketing.


5 ways to save time and money when building your website

So you are ready to take on the challenge of building/rebuilding your website. You have your website designer chosen and you are ready to move forward and get this processed started. Congratulations! You are ready to take on the content changes, design changes , discuss the functionality you would like to have built into your website and you are even ready to discuss hosting plans and domain names. Or are you?


Many times over the last few years we have had clients come to us and let us know that they are ready to start their website design but more often than not, they are not even ready to receive a quote. Below you will find 5 time and money saving tips when it comes to getting yourself a new website designed.


Mobile web design VS. Responsive web design

In today's mobile age it is becoming more and more imperative that every business have a mobile friendly version of their website. Mobile websites have become quite popular over the last 2 years or so but is that the way of the future? Building a mobile version of your website means having to manage a whole other website aside from your web version. However, the latest trend is building a responsive website (RWD). A responsive web design is a website that can work perfectly with traditional PC's/Macs as well as mobile devices.


What elements are missing in your website?


Over the last few years we have had countless clients in our office asking us what they could do to improve their current website. Many times the website is old or outdated and may need a whole new design ( which can happen very quickly with today's technology, it is a good idea to redesign your website every couple of years ) or when they designed their website, they simply missed a few crucial elements and the website just needs a quick layout change. Below you will find a few common items we find missing on websites quite often.


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