The 5 telltale signs of needing a “Logolift”

How important do you think your business logo is? Before you answer that question, think about this.  Basically, your company image depends on that logo. Therefore, common sense tell us that if you enjoy strong customer loyalty, offer a good product (or service), and turn a profit from your sales, your logo should reflect that.


Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same knowledge or opinion of their logos because there are plenty of them on the internet that are badly in need of a facelift or “logolift” in this case.  If you are unsure about this, here are the 5 telltale signs to look for:

1) Changes in the products or services offered and/or your target audience – if your products or services have changed, then your demographics, i.e. your target audience may have changed too and a logolift is in order.  (NOTE:  this may require a little research on your behalf)

2) Lack of adaptation – if your logo is 10 years old, then it probably doesn’t adapt well for the web.  For the sake of utilization, you logo must be web optimized.

3) No business representation – your company evolves over time.  Unfortunately, the same is not always true for your logo.  You want your logo to evoke an emotional response from your website visitors and adding color is the best way to accomplish that.

4) Too complex – where your logo is concerned, complexity is out and simplicity is in.  If you stop and think about it, most logos today have only 1 to 3 colors.

5) You haven’t updated your logo in a while (if at all) – major corporations such as BMW, Coca-Cola, or Ford Motor Company (just to name a few) have timeless logos.  Over the past century, they have made only minimal changes.  So adding a small amount of drop shadow here and a little gradient there can go a long way towards improvement.

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