5 ways to market your business or website on a small budget

Marketing is important when it comes to generating leads, attracting new customers, and getting the name of your business out there, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to market your business in a way that counts. Below you will find 5 ways to market your business and website on a small budget.


Focus on blogging:

Blogging can make your business more visible on search engines, it can provide a level of confidence that consumers can trust, and it can create a foundation for all of your other marketing efforts.


Take advantage of email lists:

There is a reason why email marketing is so popular in the business realm, and that is because it is not only effective, but inexpensive as well. Utilizing email marketing with email lists can help you to not only attract website visitors and customers, but alert them of updates, sales, services, and all types of other information.


Create a Google My Business account:

If local search is something that is important to you, don’t underestimate the power of a Google My Business account. Not only will this place you in Google searches, but on Google Maps and Google +.


Take advantage of social media:

Social media is free and easy to use, not to mention it is where millions spend their time online every single day. Using social media to connect and engage with desired audiences can make a huge impact on your business marketing.


Guest posting:

Guest posting on popular niche sites can also spread awareness of your business to various interested audiences. The post can attract your business to those who may not have heard of you before, but take interest in related subjects.


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