Designing a website? Put focus on your about page

The about page of a business website is an important area. This is the area that will be tasked with informing customers, clients, and visitors all about your business, what you stand for, what your goals are, how you got your start, and just what you have set out to provide for them. When it comes to gaining visitor confidence, the About page is where much of this confidence will come from, and you can share all the things that are important to you about your business to those you want to reach most.


An About page should focus on several different key points, as this is an area that you’ll use to tell visitors all about you. The key points that should be included in any about page are:


Your beginning:

Starting from your business beginning can give visitors a way to grasp where you’ve come from, and where you’re set out to go. Sharing this bit of information can also help to instill confidence in those who will be trusting your products or services.


What you offer:

Your About page should also focus on what you strive to offer to those who shop or patronize your business, and what they can gain from what you offer.

Your business goals:

Your basic goals of providing a great service, a high quality product, or sharing a passion for a certain industry should also be focused upon in your About page. This can give visitors a good idea of what you’ve set out to do in your business and how they can share in these goals as well.

Contact information:

Another great thing to add in your About section is some type of contact information, whether it is an email address, telephone number, fax information, or address. This can allow interested visitors to contact you to learn more.


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