5 Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Website

Once you’ve enticed audiences to visit your website, you’ll then want to focus on keeping them there. Keeping visitors on your website is often more difficult than leading them there in the first place, so it may take some extra thought and creativity if you want to keep your audiences staying put and coming back. 5 ways to keep visitors on your website are:


Use video:

Using video allows visitors to stay longer as the watch your content.

Use slide shows:

Slide show presentations allow visitors to stick around as they check out each photograph you offer.

Provide a perk:

A perk like a downloadable coupon, downloadable information, or something special that will keep visitors glued to your website.

Link to other pages:

Linking to other website pages within your website, products, or your blog can also help to keep visitors checking out your content.

Include a live chat or email option:

Visitors may have questions, and a way to email or instant message from your website can help to keep them there longer.


The longer a visitor is on your website, the more content they will be checking out. The more content they investigate, the more interested or familiar they will become with you and what you offer, so enticing visitors to stick around is always a good idea. With the right content, you can encourage your visitors to stay put on your website, as you drum up further interest and reach more audiences.


The secret to longer website visits is providing something for visitors to read, look at, or interact with that is of value to them, and these tricks can be used on all website pages to encourage worthwhile visits every day. For more information contact Urban Media Co. in Boise at 208.342.2244.