Driving more website traffic with Instagram

As social media networks are becoming more accepted as a marketing outlet for any type of business, it also means that the increase in competition to gain brand recognition and drive better traffic is greater.  However, many companies are overlooking some simple solutions that digital media outlets can offer to garner a larger audience.


The visual world

While the importance of video in online marketing is certainly recognized, the use of Instagram for both stills and video is often overlooked.  The first vital point for marketers to capitalize on is the fact that visual recognition accounts for a large aspect in how consumers make purchase decisions.  The use of Instagram can launch this type of campaign which can both keep the brand current and highly within the consumer's view.


The interconnectedness of everything

A secondary point that marketers should also consider is the fact that Instagram provides an ideal space for both cross channel and cross network marketing.  Since Facebook took control of Instagram, it also means that linking images across social networks and to company sites becomes a process that is easier and simpler to monitor.

However, making the best use of this outlet can also include some basic considerations:

•    Consider your #hashtags - this can be important in terms of linking Instagram campaigns to related general and trending searches, but can also include how necessary it is to use branding within hashtags.  

•    Become interactive - engaging with existing customers and potential clients can also build the Instagram campaign organically.  This may include holding contests where followers can submit images for loyalty benefits, but it can also include using client images within other promotional posts.

•    Create a visual personality - the aesthetics of images also inform consumers about the brand, and this can not only boost visibility, but can also further establish reputation.  Creativity in Instagram publications can garner greater interest, but capturing the feel of the business within the images can also benefit consumer traffic and growth.



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