Staying current with web design trends in 2015

While advertising and social perspectives do influence one another, trends in online marketing and website design can have more significant impacts on tactics that work, since they can also show an immediate response to these new approaches in design.  While many of the emerging trends for 2015 do reflect the increasing consumer demand for greater user friendliness and higher engagement on a personal level, this also means that the function of technology is more in application than in busy design.


Simplicity and clarity of message


The underlying current is that while all the flash and glitz of improved programming and hardware can grab consumer attention, it does not necessarily hold it.  This brings up one of the most prominent trends towards a traditional presentation of design through new channels.

•    Large and singular background images
•    Web pages that are free of clutter
•    Organic designs and colors
•    Easy to understand messages that reflect the mission of the brand
•    Quick to scan visual and verbal information

While these are basic points to achieving more consumer friendly design that also resonates with the audience, it also indicates that another underlying trend in web design is to become more user friendly.


Engagement and response

This also means that the actual functionality of the web pages should be an integral part of the design, and this should include:

•    Secure and fast checkout features for commercial e-commerce sites
•    Ease of navigation
•    Value of the content that is presented
•    Cross-channel access and personalized engagement

It is important to remember that all of these trends reflect the direction of consumer perspective, and staying current with design will also mean that businesses are able to keep up with client demands on a number of levels. For more information on website design, contact us at 208-342-2244.

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