Investing in your website design is crucial for your business

With digital marketing as one of the major drivers for nearly any company growth, both large and small companies understand that online visibility is a necessity to remain viable.  The result is that many owners are faced with a plethora of choices for website building, design, and pricing.  Unfortunately, this can also make weighing the pros and cons of different support services difficult to navigate, especially when only looking at cost.


Less isn't always a good thing

Costs for website design and maintenance do vary greatly, and for people who are just starting to generate an online presence, it can be tempting to look at lower start-up costs.  The only problem with this approach is that as needs for the company and even consumer demands change over time, the initial investment can provide less than what is needed.

Although many website hosts may appear the same, the services that are included are what changes the price. This can include factors that relate to:

•    Functionality
•    Updates
•    Customization
•    Scalability
•    Tech support

Thus, in paying a lower rate for a website, many companies are also unaware that the above points may not be included.

When researching price points for websites, it is also important to research the actual value of what is being purchased.  This could mean a greater upfront investment, but it also means less long term hassles that could end up negatively impacting this important commercial outlet.

When interviewing and hiring a website design team, make sure you take time with them to ask them about all of the topics mentioned above. For more information on website design, contact Urban Media Co. in Boise at 208.342.2244.


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