How blogging can increase your website search engine rank

Raising search engine rankings is always a concern for businesses that use online channels for the bulk of their engagement.  While factors such as actual page content, site functionality, and social media marketing can increase traffic, the use of blogging provides an important means for engaging potential clients and also establishing the reputation of the company.


Adding Value


There are several main ways that fresh blogs can boost website traffic & business:


  • Value added content - by creating blogs that impart information, businesses give customers an extra bonus of valuable education that can increase site visits and encourage people to explore more of what the company has to offer.
  • Keywords in context - instead of overloading site pages with keywords to boost search engine rankings, blogs can incorporate keywords into a context that is engaging and does not feel forced.  Further, with new search engine algorithms, context based  searches are creating more organic growth, and blogging fits into this approach.
  • Leave them wanting more - keeping blogs current can also create a following with potential clients and others, since information that is consistently updated also shows that the business is highly involved with their process and their customers.  Outdated posts  are often ignored, while recent blogs tend to receive more clicks, and also establish the company's reputation and engagement level.


Overall, blogging becomes a powerful tool for boosting search engine rankings, and providing users with fresh and insightful material will also garner more hits that can lead back to the main site as well. 


Furthermore, SEO practices become less intrusive in a blogging format, since the focus for readers is on the content, while the inclusion of well placed keywords will also register with the search engines. 


Keeping up with blogging not only means that readers will have fresh and valuable information, but it also means that increased keyword density on all pages associated with the site will help create better search rankings. For more information on blogging, search engine optimization or web design, contact Urban Media Co. in Boise at 208-342-2244. 


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