When it comes to your website ranking, be the authority

In managing online channels for business promotion, search engine rank is a constant focus for measuring the impact of visibility and for engaging new clients through an online search.  However, rankings are also based on other factors that tie in to domain authority, and this can become an important consideration for site content and function.


Domain authority essentially refers to the projected evaluation of how a site will rank based on Google algorithms.  It considers the actual strength of the website, based on over 40 variables that can cause fluctuations in the authority of a site.  Links to the root domain as well as other links within the domain will all figure into this score.  Other factors that can raise domain authority include:

•    Age - how long has the site been in operation?  How well is it established?  How has it maintained visibility?

•    Popularity - this metric is based on the actual traffic that the site receives and plays a large part in overall search rankings.

•    Size - this relates back to the metrics for links, and considers factors such as root domain size (ie. the actual pages within the website), as well as links to blogs, external resources, and even social media connections.

Becoming an authoritative website is still highly possible, even for newer online ventures.  

Focusing on the pints of popularity and size can greatly increase traffic and establish this valuable reputation.  This will often include increasing the reach of the domain, through the use of :

•    Blogs - increases site size and adds value to content to raise popularity.

•    Social media links - this will also register as the size of the site, and can increase traffic through greater reach to a target audience.

•    High quality content - this applies to the site itself and to linked material, and can raise domain authority by demonstrating that the business is a leader in its field.


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