Latest web design trends we love

It seems that web design constantly evolves and more trends are occurring on a daily basis.  Below you will find some of the latest website design trends that seem to be dominating in 2015.


Card and tile web design:

Pinterest has assumed the leading role in this particular trend.  As time goes by, it is likely that we are going to see increasing numbers of blog sites and eCommerce sites using the card and tile design technique.


Card & Tile website design Boise, idaho web design

Unique navigation menus:

Where website navigation is concerned, there are going to be more creative solutions developed.  From floating and sticky menus to pop-ups, slide-downs, and slide-ups, we are going to see more dynamic animations, secondary information, and spice-up imagery.  This will enable the creation of more memorable browsing experiences for the end-user.


unique website design navigation menu, web design boise
Video backgrounds:

The use of video on computers, smartphones, and tablets has grown exponentially over the past 5 years.  Because video can be used to portray our emotions and intentions while at the same time explaining more than an image or picture can, it is now seen as the ultimate experience.


video background web design, boise idaho website designer

With trends like these hanging around throughout 2015, it is likely that they are going to continue well into 2016 and possibly beyond. To find out more about updating your website design with the latest trends, contact Urban Media Co. in Boise at 208.342.2244.