New Brochure & Design for Skin Medi Spa in Boise Idaho!

It has been a busy busy start to Spring here at Urban Media Co! With that being said, we would like to share with you some new design work we have created for our client Skin Medical Spa in Boise Idaho. Skin Medical Spa recently approached us because they were in need of professional design services to help properly represent their growing business.


New Logo Design for Joe Momma's in Eagle Idaho

If you live in the Eagle Idaho area, then chances are you have eaten at Joe Momma's! These projects were actually completed awhile ago but we wanted to take a moment to share these with you! Check out the logo and menu design for Joe Momma's Breakfast Eatery.


If you are not aware of what Joe Momma's is, Joe Momma's is a breakfast and lunch eatery in Eagle Idaho, right off the river. The food is excellent! It might even be as good as YO mommas! Be sure to check them out and support this locally owned Idaho business, you won't regret it! 


New Video Production for Volt in Boise

Recently we were approached by a local Boise company called Volt to produce a video for their product AMP. AMP is this nifty little charging tool that can go with you anywhere and can charge anything anything from your mobile device to jump starting your vehicle. 


New Video Production for Action Garage Door in Boise

We are proud to share a recent video production we filmed and edited for our client Action Garage Door in Boise! Action came to us looking for a simple 30 second introductory video for their website that highlighted their products and services. We were more than happy to get out in the field and start creating.


New Logo Design for Summit Air Ambulance in Meridian Idaho

We have recently had the pleasure of working with and re-designing a logo for Summit Air Ambulance in Meridian Idaho. Summit Air Ambulance offers 24 hour emergency and non emergency air medical services across the western United States. Summit Air came to us in need of a vector logo design for their connected care program. Summit Air had a very specific design in mind and our graphic designer worked closely with them throughout the project until the desired outcome was achieved. We encourage you to take a look at the final logo design below.


New Website Design for OnSite Services in Boise Idaho

We are happy to announce that we have completed our latest web design project for our client OnSite Services in Boise Idaho. OnSite Services offers industrial equipment support in Idaho and throughout the pacific northwest. OnSite Services came to us in Dec 2014 looking for a website design that was responsive, fresh and a strong representation of their growing business.


New Logo Design for Axus International in Boise Idaho

Recently we were approached by a local Boise Idaho company for a fresh new logo design. Axus International exports organic food products around the globe! Working one on one with this client, we came up with a final logo design that represents them perfectly. Axus International came to us with a specific idea in mind, they wanted bold colors to represent the exotic bold flavors they export and they wanted their logo to represent that they were global. Below you will find some initial logo design concepts we created as well as the final logo design.


We are excited to share this new logo design with you! Make sure you take a look at some more examples of our logo design examples by clicking here. For more information on logo design, web design, video production and more, please contact Urban Media Co. in Boise at 208.342.2244.


New Website Design & Video Production for Triumph Dental in Boise

We are happy to announce a few new projects we have completed for our client, Triumph Dental in Boise. At the end of 2014 we were approached this local Boise company looking for a logo, website design and video production for a new company they were starting to help dental graduates establish themselves and get them on the right path to owning their own dental practice. From the logo design to the video production, we really enjoyed working on this project! We encourage you to click below to check out their new branding, web design and video.


New Logo Design for Ill Advised Clothing in Illinois

Recently we were approached by a clothing company in Chicago Illinois to create them a logo design for their new clothing line called " Ill Advised ". This clothing company was created to appeal to an urban crowd. The logo would be used on shirts, hats, backpacks and other apparel for a younger crowd. After a few weeks spent on the initial concepts and finalizing the logo, we are happy to announce we have completed this new logo design and are excited to share it with you!


New Logo Design / Graphic Design for Samson Seed Farms in Boise, Idaho & Wyoming

It's been a busy Fall here at Urban Media Co., but we are pleased to share one of our newest logo designs with you! We recently had a new client approach us in regards to graphic design and illustration services. Samson Seed Farms offers a full line of Alfalfa and is looking for grow their company throughout the pacific northwest.


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