New Brochure & Design for Skin Medi Spa in Boise Idaho!

It has been a busy busy start to Spring here at Urban Media Co! With that being said, we would like to share with you some new design work we have created for our client Skin Medical Spa in Boise Idaho. Skin Medical Spa recently approached us because they were in need of professional design services to help properly represent their growing business.


First, Skin Medical Spa asked us to help them with their branding colors and logo design. Skin Medical Spa already had a logo that they liked but they were not fond of the colors and did not have the proper formats to reproduce the logo in the future properly, so we went to work! First we cleaned up the logo and selected proper pantone colors for the logo, once the colors were established and approved we got to work on the brochure design. The client wanted the brochure to feel like you were stepping into the Skin Medical Spa location and we feel we were able to achieve this quite well. We encourage you to check out the design below.


If you have never been to Skin Medical Spa, we encourage you to pay them a visit. We will also be designing them a website this Spring. For more information on graphic design, logo design or web design, contact Urban Media Co. in Boise at 208.342.2244.


Logo Design, Boise, Idaho, Graphic Design,


Graphic Design, Boise, Idaho, Designer, Brochure, Printing

Graphic Design, Boise, Idaho, Designer, Brochure, Printing