New logo design, web design and graphics for KSD in Boise, Idaho

It's been a busy month here at Urban Media Co. and with that being said, we would like to share another new project we have been working on for our client Kirtland Salvage and Demolition in Boise. Kirtland Salvage and Demolition approached us because they were in need of professional design services to help represent their new business.


First, we designed a few logo design concepts for them based on their needs and after some time and consideration they chose the final concept you see below.

Logo Design, Boise, Idaho, Graphic Designer

Once we received the final ok on the new logo design, our graphic designer moved onto the print materials and designed Kirtland professional business cards and letterhead.


Graphic Designer, Boise, Idaho, business card design,


Graphic Designer, Boise, Idaho, business card, printing


Graphic Designer, Boise, Idaho, Graphic Design,


Logo Designer, Boise, Idaho, Graphic Designer,


Graphic Designer Boise, Print Design, Letterhead


Upon completion of the print design, we designed Kirtland Salvage and Demolition a fully responsive website. The total time for this project was about 30 days from start to finish.


Boise Web Design, Website Designer, Idaho, Websites


If you are in need of salvage or demolition services, we encourage you to contact KSD. For more information on logo design, website design or graphic design services, contact Urban Media Co. in Boise, Idaho at 208.342.2244.